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  Advanced Wireless Solutions

While we may primarily focus on providing great internet access for our customers, we are also well experienced in offering more advanced wireless networking solutions for your home or office. From installing powerful wifi networks, to creating wireless links between two locations, even over a mile away, TexasData has the expertise you can rely on to provide you with simple solutions to common networking issues.


Some of these solutions include extending your current network to remote locations such as a guest house of work shop, all without the high costs of burying new wires or fiber. This is an excellent option for connecting multiple structures to your service within a single property. Another solution we offer is powerful wifi coverage, providing a strong and reliable signal to outdoor common areas, such as around your pool, patio or yard.


Our technology is highly reliable, and the costs are considerably less than that of conventional methods to overcome such networking problems. If you are interested in what all we have to offer in the way of advanced wireless solutions to your networking problems, feel free to contact us for information on how we can help you accomplish more with TexasData.



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