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  Suggestions to Customers

In the interest of making our network, as well as your service, secure and stable, we ask our customers to follow three important steps...


First, we ask you to use a router. Our service is an "always on" service, which means your computers are always online and vulnerable to mischief from the internet. A router, in many ways, serves as a "firewall" that blocks the ability of others to see your local computers. In the event you get a virus, it can also help block that virus from spreading onto the TexasData network. In addition, a router will enable you to connect additional computers to your internet connection.


Second, we require all of our customers who use Windows to have current, up-to-date anti-virus & spyware protection software running on all computers connected to the internet. (ref. item #6 on your Specific Service Agreement)


Finally, we encourage our customers to use surge protectors, preferably with protection for ethernet cables. The more ideal solution would be to use an uninterruptible power supply (UPS), such as an APC Battery Backup device, given the tendency of Pedernales Electric Coop's power to be "irregular" at times, particularly in more remote service areas. Routers are extremely sensitive to small fluctuations in power, and can be easily damaged during storms. Surge protectors and UPS's can protect your computer, your router and the radio we mount outside of your home, and often pay for themselves in the prevention of damaged routers or other devices.


If you have any further questions, please contact us, and we will be more than happy to answer them!


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