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 TexasData E-Mail in Apple Mail
  Last update: 2010-07-21 01:55

Step 1: Open Mail. If a Mail Setup Wizard opens automatically, please close/cancel it and continue with the steps shown in this guide.

Once Mail is open, click the MAIL menu at the top, then select PREFERENCES.


Step 2: In the next window, locate and click the ACCOUNTS button at the top, then click the + sign at the bottom left corner of the window.


Step 3: Now enter your full name, your email address we setup for you, and finally, your email password. Once finishes, click CONTINUE.


NOTE: If you do not currently have a email account, and are a customer, then you are entitled to two email accounts with us. For more information, please contact us and we will help setup an email account for you today! 


Step 4: In this window, ensure that ACCOUNT TYPE is set for POP.

Set the DESCRIPTION to something recognizable, like "TexasData Email".

Ensure that the INCOMING MAIL SERVER field has entered into it.

Now, put your full email address in the USER NAME field and your password in the PASSWORD field, then click CONTINUE.


Step 5: In this window, once again, set the DESCRIPTION to something recognizable, like "TexasData Email".

Ensure that the OUTGOING MAIL SERVER field has entered into it, and that USE ONLY THIS SERVER is checked.

Click the USE AUTHENTICATION box so that it's checked, and then put your full email address in the USER NAME field and your password in thePASSWORD field, then click CONTINUE.


Step 6: Ensure that TAKE ACCOUNT ONLINE is checked, and then click CREATE.

Congratulations! Your configuration of Mail is complete.


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