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  What We Allow & Disallow 


Our primary goal is to provide all of our customers with exceptional service. In order to do so, there are some services and technologies that we allow, and others that we do not permit the use of. This stance on how our service is utilized is what gives us the ability to offer great service to all of our customers.


If it's not mentioned on this page, then chances are it's fine for use. Still, if you have any questions about things that aren't listed here, please contact us and we will be more than happy to answer any questions you have.




Standard Online Activities

All levels of service that we offer are suitable for browsing the web, downloading data, checking email and just about any other usual online activity you can think of. If more speed is what you need for faster loading pages or downloads, then give us a call. We can easily increase your speeds over the phone without having to come out and add equipment.


For more information on our levels of service, check out our Services Price List page to see what we have to offer!




Online Gaming

[ XBOX Live, Playstation Network, Steam, World of Warcraft, etc... ]

If you're a gamer and wish to use our service to play online, then you shouldn't have any trouble doing so. We haven't tested every game out there with our service, and we would recommend our 800Kbps or higher service plans for serious gaming, but you're always welcome to start out with a lower level and see how things work for you.


If you decide that you need more speed, check out our Services Price List page to see what we offer, and then give us a call.




Audio/Video Chat Services

[ Skype, Stickcam, TinyChat, etc... ]

Many of you use applications such as Skype to communicate with others across town, the nation or even the world. Skype, and similar services, has been shown to work well with our 800 Kbps plan, as well as any plans above it.


While these types of applications have also been proven to work on our lowest service plan, there may be issues with the live video side of your sessions. If so, we recommend an 800 Kbps or higher service plan. Head on over to our Services Price List page for more information.




Remote Management

[ Windows Remote Desktop, VNC, TeamViewer, etc... ]

There are many customers who commonly use remote management applications like Windows Remote Desktop and VNC. After extensive testing and customer feedback on usage, we have determined that these technologies work just fine on our service.


We will also offer limited support for any remote desktop and VNC related issues that you may have.




VPN Connections

[ OpenVPN, IPSec, PPTP, etc... ]

We currently have quite a few customers who use VPN so that they can work from home using our service. After extensive testing and customer feedback on usage, we have determined that VPN connections work just fine on our service.


We will also offer limited support for any VPN related issues that you may have.




VoIP Services

[ Vonage, MagicJack, etc... ]

Many of our customers live in places where even cellular phone service is almost impossible to pick up without climbing the nearest oak tree. As a result, many turn to VoIP services such as Vonage or Magicjack for home phone service. While these options have been shown to work well on our network, we cannot guarantee that these services will always work perfectly without fail, nor can we offer support for these services in the event that you have any issues with them. 


We do have the ability to prioritize VoIP traffic for you, and we will if you request it, but depending on the amount of bandwidth that has to be dedicated to your service for these options, there may be an additional monthly charge.




Netflix Streaming Video

Although Netflix has been shown to work with our higher levels of service, it utilizes a great deal of bandwidth to properly function. Another issue is that Netflix will more than likely not be capable of streaming HD quality video on our service, due to us not being capable of providing the large amount that it demands.


At the moment, we usually discourage the use of services like Netflix. If you still wish to use it, and the bandwidth usage is beyond what we deem to be within acceptable levels, we may contact you and request that you purchase a higher level of service.




Bit Torrent File Sharing Services

Our service is not currently setup to properly handle bit torrent file sharing traffic. The manner in which bit torrent functions has been known to create problems for our other customers on the network due to high bandwidth utilization.


This, and bit torrent's tendency to abuse features we offer our customers, such as speed bursting to improve everyone's overall online experience, is the reason that we do not permit the use of bit torrent file sharing on our service, and will act accordingly to stop it when detected. If there are multiple violations detected, you may risk having your account suspended.



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